Thanks to years of experience with glass-fibre-reinforced plastics, Fibrolux is able to offer a wide range of GRP products. Thanks to our ever-growing expertise, our products are constantly being optimised and developed to meet your needs.

GRP profiles

GRP profiles from Fibrolux are specially designed for high load-bearing capacity and easy assembly. Thanks to our wide range of standard profiles and the development of special profiles, we will always find the right solution for your project.


GRP grating panels

Our Fibrolux GRP grating panels are robust, low-maintenance, offer high stability, and are chemical- and weather-resistant – the perfect solution for industrial applications.


Design components

Any construction is only as good as the quality of its components. Our GRP construction components are subject to strict quality standards, enabling us to deliver construction designs of the highest quality.


Access solutions

In highly corrosive environments, such as in the marine, offshore or chemical industries, wherever high demands are placed on the material, the benefits of access solutions like GRP stairs and walkways can be maximised.


Security products

Security is an important aspect in all industries and applications. Ladder safety cages, safety floors or step covers: our GRP safety products offer protection exactly where it is needed


Architectural components

Design and architecture open up a completely new field of application for GRP products. Grating and other panels, as well as specially manufactured customised profiles, can be used as façade elements or in interior fittings. Different colours and translucent designs can be combined here with the advantages of GRP.


Transport & mobility

Among other things, our GRP products are lightweight, durable, UV-resistant and low-maintenance. This makes them ideal for railway systems as well as vehicle and infrastructure components.


GRP fences

Whether as balcony cladding, railing elements or security fencing – GRP fences are corrosion-resistant, electrically insulating, easy to install, and available in a wide range of colours and mesh designs.



Are you looking for assembly parts or suitable additions to our GRP products? Whether attachments, levelling feet or covers, we offer the perfect accessories for all our products.


What are the advantages of Fibrolux GRP products?

Our GRP products are corrosion-resistant, sustainable and economical. The demanding requirements of many industries and applications make GRP products one of the best alternatives to conventional materials such as steel, wood and aluminium.

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