GRP systems


System solutions made of GRP profiles and gratings


Railing systems

Our GRP railing systems offer you complete solutions for individual requirements. All parts are compatible with each other and easy to use.



GRP staircases

For use in corrosive environments, stairs and walkways made of GRP have proven their worth. Existing equipment can be replaced quickly and easily.



GRP maintenance platforms

GRP platforms and walkways can be designed and manufactured according to specifications.



GRP covers

GRP covers are recommended for tanks or silos, for example.



Cable support systems

GRP cable ducts are an economical and durable alternative to steel and stainless steel solutions. Cable support systems made of GRP are electrically insulating and therefore do not need to be grounded:




GRP conductors are characterized by their electrical insulation compared to metal conductors



Easyfit System

GRP system profiles for various applications




Reinforcing bars and lattice mats made of GRP



Nuts and threaded rods

made of GRP, for matall-free connections




Customized for all requirements




Fences made of GRP provide protection and reliability



Quick-build houses

GRP fast construction houses are based on a modular system.