Solutions for the construction industry

When steel reaches its limits, the more environmentally friendly glass fiber reinforcement is used. Due to their durability and high resistance to external influences, renovation work and cracks in the concrete are significantly reduced.
Fibrolux offers a fiberglass-based reinforcement system that fully meets the requirements of sustainability, durability, efficiency and cost savings.
As a construction material, steel has been a success story since the industrial revolution. However, steel also has disadvantages that are outweighed by the GRP reinforcement.

GRP reinforcement mats have some unbeatable advantages over steel, which have made them indispensable for a wide range of applications in construction projects for several years.

– Corrosion free – Durability
– Very high tensile strength at the same Ø compared to steel
– enables low concrete cover
– Chemical resistance
– electrically/thermally non-conductive
– easy machinability and processing
– very light weight despite its many features
– practical handling with spacers and cable ties
– high load capacity of the material
– Economy/cost savings, smaller Ø required

Plastering walls becomes easier

– The adhesion to the substrate is better and
– The use of materials is reduced.
– The formation of cracks is almost impossible.

The same advantages as for plastering walls also apply to plastering ceilings. Here, the improved adhesion of the plaster is even more important.

The repair of components, even in difficult places, is particularly facilitated by the easy handling and processing of GRP mesh mats and is completed in less time.

Due to their flexibility, the mats are particularly suitable as reinforcement for round surfaces.