February 8, 2022


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January 25, 2022

Fibrolux, Hofheim, January 25, 2022:

Fibrolux, a technology leader in the development and manufacture of pultruded composites and one of the largest pultruders in Europe, is pleased to announce the completion of its largest civil engineering project to date. Fibrolux supplied more than 16 km of a large-scale custom fiberglass pultrusion system that enabled the rehabilitation of the 1 km Marschall Jozef Pilsudski Bridge in Torun, Poland, with double-width pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

As part of a major bridge modernization program to add capacity and improve safety by moving bicyclists away from the roadways, Fibrolux produced an innovative pultruded composite panel solution for the new walkways.

Originally built in 1909 in Münsterwalde (Germany) as a road and railroad crossing, the main bridge was dismantled in 1934 and moved to Torun in north-central Poland. The Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Bridge now connects the southern part of the city with Torun’s Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The bridge concept, an interlocking walkway slab made of eight solid pultruded triple hollow sections with a cross-section of 500 mm x 150 mm, allowed the walkways on both sides of the bridge to be extended from 2 m to 4.5 m wide, creating safe space for cyclists. Since the existing bridge structure was unable to support the weight of the wider steel webs, the lightweight fiberglass composite structure provided the needed increase in capacity and offered project engineers a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution.

Fibrolux created a custom die for the new super-sized bridge profile in 2020, before production of the 16km profiles began using a combination of assembled rovings and mats. The pultruded sections were delivered to the site cut to length, assembled with special stainless steel fasteners and then coated with a non-slip coating. This resulted in panels of approx. 4 m x 10 m, which could be lifted into position with a small crane due to the low weight of the pultruded sections. The assembly was carried out by the Polish company NTI Sp. z o.o. Nowoczesne Techniki Instalacyjne.

Fibrolux will also supply a series of standard fiberglass pultrusion profiles that will be attached directly to the composite sidewalk panels and serve as supports for the stormwater drainage system of the rehabilitated bridge.

“The Marshall-Jozef Pilsudski Bridge project is a fantastic showcase for pultruded composites in construction. With a length of more than 9 soccer fields, the new sidewalks illustrate not only the advantages of composites in terms of weight savings and durability, but also the cost and time benefits of using customized Fibrolux profiles on a large scale,” commented Izabela Reich, Sales Poland Fibrolux GmbH.

Installation of the first phase of the sidewalk on one side of the bridge was completed in the spring of 2021. The second phase, which doubled the bridge’s previous capacity for pedestrians and cyclists, was completed in December 2021.



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About Fibrolux

Fibrolux GmbH is an innovation leader and pioneer in the field of pultruded glass fiber and carbon fiber composites. It develops and manufactures highly customized products as well as standard profiles for use in construction, architecture, transportation and industrial applications. Headquartered in Hofheim, Germany, with a team of more than 250 employees, Fibrolux is one of the largest pultruders in Europe and has been producing high-quality composite materials since 1979.



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EBA approval for Fibrolux GRP gratings and safety floors

GRP gratings & safety floors are used in walkways, maintenance platforms, pit covers, track crossings and similar applications. The German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) granted approval for GRP gratings in the ISO30, ISO38 and ISO50 versions as well as the P30, P38 and P50 safety floors. With slip class R13, these products meet the highest safety standards.
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October 28, 2021

GRP as an alternative to wood and aluminum

The high demand on the world market for building materials such as wood and aluminum have led to a supply that is both scarce and expensive, and not only in this segment.

We would like to point out all the more clearly that the composite material GRP has been replacing these building materials more and more for some time now due to its outstanding properties.

GRP is not only anti-corrosive, electrically non-conductive, UV-resistant and easy to process, but also waterproof, anti-magnetic and much more.

The resulting largely maintenance-free nature of GRP makes it a good investment for your projects.