High quality materials are used in our constructions.
In order to achieve the optimum, good knowledge of the proper handling of the material is a prerequisite. Fibrolux has been one of the specialists in the production, processing and application of GRP profiles for many years.


GRP structures replace steel structures where the boundary conditions can no longer be covered by the properties of steel. As an alternative to stainless steel, GRP has proven itself economically and ecologically.


Fibrolux supports you with decades of experience in all aspects of glass fiber reinforced plastic.



Everything from a single source –
Consulting, planning, construction, implementation

Thanks to this credo, customers and project partners benefit from a broad know-how in all phases of the cooperation.

Strong engineering leads to planning that is well thought out in detail and to an object-specific, economical solution.




Customer requirements are implemented in a material-appropriate manner under the premise of function.

Precision and professional handling of the material are the top priorities in production and implementation.

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Load and stress analysis

FEM calculations form the basis for our designs.

For larger objects, CAD-supported bar calculations are carried out in order to create the appropriate structural analysis.

We take into account the anisotropy of the material and combine the purely mathematical results with our experience for the design.

All projects are created in 3D CAD designs, facilitating easy visualization.




As pioneers in pultrusion, we consider it our duty to implement our designs with pioneering technologies and high-quality products.

Our company history is characterized by innovations. We will open up new markets and applications with tailor-made products.





Construction is not a matter of opinion. This is where demand, aesthetics, mathematics and physics meet. We put everything together in such a way that it is sure to last for long periods of time.