The solution for covers with low weight.
Upon request GRP Safety Floorings and GRP Panel Profiles are also available with a resin matrix of vinylester or phenolic resin. All types of resins are self-extinguishing and UV-stabilised.


The GRP Safety Floor consists of a supporting grating and a laminated sheet on the top surface. The covering layer is reinforced with glassfibre mats and rovings to increase the load bearing properties.


Standard GRP Safety Floorings have a polyester resin matrix with a glass content of approx. 35%. Standard colours are grey, yellow or green, but other colours are also available.

Standard dimensions

Type   Height (mm) L x B(mm)
P 25   28 3.660 x 1.220
1.983 x 995
P 30   33 3.660 x 1.220
1.983 x 995
P 38   41 4.000 x 1.524
3.660 x 1.220
1.983 x 995
P 50   53 3.660 x 1.220
1.990 x 1.020