Companies in the wastewater sector must avoid corrosion in their designs to a very special degree. In environments absolutely close to water, common materials such as steel or aluminum offer little resistance in the long term. GRP, i.e. glass-fiber reinforced plastic, combines all the properties that conventional materials cannot offer. Anti-corrosive, also resistant to most chemicals, UV resistant, electrically non-conductive, anti-magnetic and largely maintenance free. These are only the most important properties of GRP.

In addition, GRP is easy to process and simple to assemble. In view of the long service life in combination with all the above-mentioned material properties, this material is virtually recommended as a long-lasting investment.


Fibrolux has been providing complete solutions for railings, walkways, stairs, ladders for over 20 years. Through our design services, special solutions can also be implemented, entirely on individual ideas.


We manufacture covers with various surfaces and colors individually according to customer specifications. Of course, the installation of flaps and other accesses is also possible here and can also be retrofitted.


Für Laufwege, Abdeckungen, Treppen, Podeste und vieles mehr bieten wir Gitterroste und Abdeckungen mit den verschiedensten rutschfesten Oberflächen und in Stärken für jede Belastungsanforderung. Aus GFK und korrosionsfrei.