In the future, the 5G network will require a significantly increased expansion of the infrastructure, not least for applications such as autonomous driving and Industry 4.0.


Therefore, numerous additional masts must also be erected in an already existing and built environment such as cities, industrial areas, difficult terrain etc. Composltes have enormous advantages here.


GRP remains extremely dimensionally stable even when temperatures fluctuate, making it ideal for tight construction. In addition, the materials are excellent insulators, as they are not electrically conductive, which can save costs for appropriate grounding, for example. In addition, GRP products have very good dielectric properties: GRP is almost invisible to RF waves.

Plates and panels

GRP components are ideal for enclosing antennas, for example. HF waves find no obstacle on their way here. The freedom from maintenance is also a decisive advantage with GRP.


For the construction of antenna systems, Fibrolux offers a wide range of profiles that make any design possible.

Even completely metal-free solutions are feasible.

GRP systems

We offer complete systems for working platforms, staircases, railings and much more.

Their parts are compatible with each other and easy to use.