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Profile gratings
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Adjustable feet
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Easy assembly and great surefootedness


GRP stair treads were especially designed with slip resistance in mind. Manufactured like profiled and gratings, the steps also have a reinforced and color-coded leading edge.

To match the stair treads, we have appropriate support brackets, which are mounted directly on the leg of the stairs. The hole pattern is flexible so that steel profiles can be easily replaced.

Standard dimensions

TypHöhe (mm)Abmessungen (mm)Gewicht (kg)
Treppenstufe SG 3030998 x 2733,8
Treppenstufe SG 3030998 x 3114,3
Treppenstufe SG 3838998 x 2735,2
Treppenstufe SG 3838998 x 3115,9

Step covers

GRP step covers can be used to retrofit existing concrete, steel or wood stairs to meet current safety regulations. The step covers are a cost-effective alternative to conventional solutions with minimal installation effort. They are also individually adjustable to any step size.

Standard dimensions

TypA (mm)B (mm)C (kg)kg/m
STC 70703040,63
STC 55555540,74
STC 3453455543,85