The area of transport routes within the overall infrastructure is a significant factor when considering a country’s economic development opportunities. GRP is playing an increasingly important role in the maintenance and new construction of bridges, for example. The structures are now 50 years old or even older. In many cases, they were not designed for the traffic loads they are subjected to today. The example of the bridge in Poland shows how GFRP was used for the extended side lanes for pedestrians and cyclists with the development of very large profiles.


The special material properties of GRP, especially the absence of corrosion, but also the high strength and freedom from maintenance are the arguments for the use of our profiles, gratings and covers.


The development of very large GRP profiles by Fibrolux allowed the bridge to be extended on both sides by paths for pedestrians and bicycles.

Profile gratings

For covering manholes, sewers or inspection channels, we offer profiled gratings made of GRP, which we supply custom-made in a wide range of load variants.

GRP systems

We offer complete systems for working platforms, staircases, railings and much more. Their parts are compatible with each other and easy to use.