provide maximum control and stability when extended for a variety of applications (window cleaning equipment, marine life systems, etc.). When inserted, they are compact and therefore easy to transport and store.
The tubes can be adjusted and fixed by means of screwed quick-release fasteners made of robust plastic.
The innermost tube has an outer diameter of Ø 23 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm.
At the end there is a plastic attachment with a male thread size M20.


Available accessories: plastic end piece with M20 thread, angle connection with cutting thread, brush attachment with hose (suitable for angle connection with cutting thread)


Brush with water connection, width 39 cm

Connector rod / brush

Carbon telescopic systems
max. length extended (m)Length retracted Number of tubes Weight (g) Surface
31,6725333k / matt
41,5237853k / matt
51,8539703k / matt
61,7441.2603k / matt
71,9941.4403k / matt
81,951.7803k / matt
91,8362.0003k / matt
102,0562.4203k / matt
112,2262.6203k / matt
121,9383.1203k / matt
132,1583.7303k / matt
142,2883.9503k / matt
152,3984.2103k / matt
162,4684.4203k / matt
172,5884.6603k / matt
182,7184.9103k / matt