Garage in segmental construction

Building a garage on a slope between two buildings can be complicated if the structural integrity of the foundations is compromised during excavation.

An innovative construction with GRP segments is reminiscent of the construction of tunnels: only one segment is excavated at a time and this is then shuttered and concreted.

The garage in the film was built almost exactly like this. Only one segment depth of the slope was excavated at a time. With threaded rods, the new segment was bolted to the previous one, reinforced and concreted…


This allowed the garage to be completed within 14 days, without the very expensive support measures for the neighboring foundations.

The adjacent time-lapse movie shows 5 segments of the construction of the garage.

The following pictures show the construction site with the building on the left and the adjacent wall above. The first segment is ready.

The next picture shows the third segment with reinforcement before concreting, bolted to the 2nd segment with threaded rods. The third picture shows the side view of the section.

Fig. 4 shows the already finished and connected segments from the inside.

The following 3 pictures show the main components: GRP profiles, threaded steel rods and the GRP safety floors, quasi the walls of the segments.