Technical data

of CFP profiles can vary depending on the type of fiber reinforcement, shape and wall thickness.

Carbon profiles
Type pultruded
Carbon Profile
Pullwinding type
Carbon Profile
Type PrePreg
Tensile strength1.700 MPa80 MPa1.700 MPa80 MPa950 MPa900 MPa
Flexural strength 1.700 MPa1.600 MPa1.050 MPa900 MPa
I.L.S.S interlaminar shear strength68 MPa70 MPa
E-modulus (tensile strength)115 GPa110 GPa60 MPa60 MPa
E-modulus (bending)110 GPa110 GPa62 MPa60 MPa
Elongation at breakapprox. 0,5 %approx. 1 %
Compressive strength450 MPa450 MPa
Compressive modulus30 GPa30 GPa
Density1,6 kg/dm³1,65 kg/dm³
Compressive modulus of elasticity120 GPa30 GPa
Impact strength 2.000 kJ/m²30 kJ/m²
Barcol Hardness4545
Characteristic value for all types
interlaminar shear strength90 MPa
Lin.coefficient of thermal expansion0,1 x 10 -61/K
Thermal conductivity5,2 W/mK
Water absorption
Dimensional stability according to Martens
Carbon fibresT300