Height 50 mm, clearance of I-beams 12.7 mm

Span (mm)Point load (kg)Safety factorArea load (kg/m2)Safety factor
4001.8562 x F33.4073 x q
6008254 x F9.8985 x q
8004645 x F4.1766 x q
1.0002976 x F 2.1388 x q
1.2002067 x F1.2379 x q
1.4001528 x F77911 x q

The loads were determined at a deflection of L/200. The deflection L/200 corresponds to 0.5% deflection on the span. (deflection f=L/200; L=span). The application-specific suitability must be checked in each individual case.

Weight (kg/m2)Open area

Other dimensions are available on request.