Panel profile PA600 HD, height 72 mm

Span (mm)Point load (kg)Safety factorArea load (kg/m2)Safety factor
1.0004.9992 x F13.1142 x q
1.2003.4722 x F7.5893 x q
1.5002.2223 x F3.8854 x q
1.8001.5433 x F 2.2484 x q
2.0001.2494 x F1.6395 x q
2.2001.0334 x F1.2315 x q
2.5007995 x F8396 x q
2.8006376 x F5977 x q
3.0005556 x F4858 x q
3.2004886 x F4008 x q
3.5004087 x F3059 x q
3.8003468 x F23810 x q
4.0003128 x F20410 x q
4.2002839 x F17711 x q
4.5002469 x F14312 x q
4.80021710 x F11812 x q
5.00019910 x F10413 x q
5.20018411 x F9314 x q
5.50016511 x F7814 x q
5.80014812 x F6715 x q
6.00013812 x F6016 x q

The loads were determined at a deflection of L/125. The deflection L/125 corresponds to 0.75% deflection on the span. (deflection f=L/125; L=span). The application-specific suitability must be checked in each individual case.

H (mm)W (mm)kg/m2

Other dimensions are available on request.