The FibroTRAY cable routing system is the optimal solution for routing system cables such as signal, control or telecommunication cables running along railroad lines. The elevated plastic cable ducts are the alternative to buried systems, especially in difficult subsoil and unfavorable terrain conditions.


More information can be found in our brochure for cable routing systems.

Main components Fibro Tray System Size I
PostSize IGRP I profile 120 x 60 x 6
Trough profileSize IGRP Support FI
CoverSize IGRP cover FI
Technical data
Usable cable
150 cm2
Payload450 N/m
max. support spacing6 m
Dead weight approx.6,3 kg/m
Main components Fibro Tray System Size II
PostSize IIGRP I profile 150 x 75 x 6
Trough profileSize IIGRP Support FII
CoverSize IIGRP cover FII
Technical data
Usable cable cross-section375 cm2
Payload900 N/m
max. support spacing6 m
Dead weight approx.6,5 kg/m


– Support parts up and down
– Bridge layer
– Cable outlets
– Cover lock
– Special components
– Screw material

All accessories of Fibrolux cable support systems are made exclusively of high-quality stainless steel.