GRP cable ducts


GRP cable ducts are used in highly corrosive environments. Completely metal-free solutions can also be offered at the customer’s request. In addition, GRP is transparent to electromagnetic waves and does not need to be grounded. Due to the high proportion of glass, large spans are possible.


More information can be found in our brochure for cable routing systems.

Type cable channelDimension cable channel (mm)Weight cable channel (kg/m)Dimension cover (mm)Weight Cover (kg/m)
KK 6060 x 60 x 2,50,9 65 x 2,50,62
KK 100100 x 80 x 2,51,40105 x 2,50,74
KK 200200 x 80 x 2,51,90205 x 2,51,24
KK 300300 x 80 x 43,78306 x 32,07
KK 400400 x 80 x 44,58406 x 32,68