It is the very special properties of glass fiber-reinforced composites that make this material so interesting:


GRP is not electrically conductive. This makes it the material of choice for constructions in the field of electrical installations. Last but not least, the resulting freedom from maintenance is an unbeatable economic argument. Moreover, GRP is not only extremely stable and torsion-resistant, but its weather resistance, anti-corrosive and anti-magnetic properties are particularly convincing.


The processing corresponds to that of conventional materials, so in most cases it can be carried out quickly and easily with existing tools.

Corner profiles

Dogbones, corner profiles and slot wedges are GRP insulation profiles for transformer and electric motor construction.

Insulating rods

Insulating rods made of GFRP meet the highest requirements, especially in the high-voltage area of electrical systems.

GRP systems

For more complex constructions we recommend our systems for working platforms, stairs or railings.