Apart from their different construction methods, cooling towers always serve to cool waste heat. This predominantly produces water vapor. GRP, i.e. glass-fiber reinforced plastic, is anti-corrosive and lightweight. This makes this material particularly suitable for the construction of cooling towers.


Fibrolux offers a wide range of profiles, gratings and panels and supports you with engineering services from the beginning for the success of your project.

Our services:

  • Largest manufacturing site in Europe
  • In-house profile machining and finishing
  • Small quantities available immediately
  • Engineering service
  • Certified by independent testing institutes

    Cable ducts

    GRP cable ducts are used in highly corrosive environments. They do not need to be grounded. Due to the high proportion of glass, large spans are possible.

    Cable ladders

    GRP cable ladders are the ideal solution for industrial cable laying. Cable ladders made of GRP can be installed easily, quickly and individually. Cover is also possible.

    Corrugated sheets

    Corrugated sheets made of GRP are very robust and resistant due to their material combination. They are suitable for protection against weather conditions and provide protection from UV radiation.


    GRP ladders have very good corrosion resistance and pleasant handling due to thermal insulation and they ensure safe work due to electrical insulation.

    GRP standard profiles

    We have in our assortment all common profiles for almost any construction. We see the production of profiles according to customer requirements as a special challenge.


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