Hardly any other industry suffers more from the effects of corrosion in plant engineering than the chemical industry. Common materials such as steel or aluminum offer little resistance to the influence of aggressive substances in the long term. GRP, i.e. glass-fiber reinforced plastic, combines all the properties that conventional materials cannot offer. Anti-corrosive, also chemically resistant to most chemicals, electrically non-conductive, anti-magnetic and largely maintenance free. These are only the most important properties of GRP.

In addition, GRP is easy to process and simple to assemble. In view of the long service life in combination with all the above-mentioned material properties, this material is virtually recommended as a long-lasting investment.


Available as covers and walkways over basins and tanks with non-slip surfaces and in every imaginable thickness and color, they make your path safe.


We have in our assortment all common profiles for almost any construction. We see the production of profiles according to customer requirements as a special challenge.

GRP systems

We offer complete systems for working platforms, staircases, railings and much more. Their parts are compatible with each other and easy to use.