Characteristic values

Depending on the type of fiber reinforcement of the profile structure and the wall thickness, the technical data of the GRP profiles vary. The application-specific suitability must be checked in each individual case.

GRP profile type MR
GRP profile type UD
Roving reinforced
Tensile strength250 - 450 MPa20 - 60 MPa900 MPa
Flexural strength250 - 450 MPa20 - 60 MPa900 MPa
E-modulus (tensile strength)25.000 MPa9.000 MPa40.000 MPa
E-modulus (bending)25.000 MPa9.000 MPa40.000 MPa
Elongation at break1,0 - 1,8 %2 %
Compressive strength150 - 300 MPa30 - 60 MPa450 MPa
Compressive modulus10.000 MPa4.000 MPa30.000 MPa
Density2,0 kg/dm³2,1 kg/dm³
Impact strength IZOD 90 - 120 kJ/m²120 kJ/m²
Barcol hardness> 40> 50
Characteristic values applicable to all types
Interlaminar shear strength 25 - 35 MPa
Specific volume resistivity10^10 - 10^15 Ohm* cm
Surface resistance10^10 - 10^15 Ohm
Dielectric strength5 - 10 kV/mm
Tracking resistance CTIKA 3c / KB 500 / KC 600
Dielectric constant < 5
Lin. Coefficient of thermal expansion 12 x 10 -61/K
Thermal conductivity0,2 - 0,6 W/m*K
Spec. heat capacity 1,0 - 1,2 kJ/kg*K
Continuous operating temperature -100°C bis +155°C (180°C)
Water absorption < 0,15%
Dimensional stability n. Martens200°C
Ember resistance Level 2b
Fire behaviourB2, UL94 V1, UL94 V0, DIN 5510 S4 SR2 ST2, ASTM E84 < 25, ASTM D635

Application limits

Short-term behaviourLong-term behaviour
Bending stress135 MPa20 MPa70 MPa15 MPa
Tensile stress135 MPa20 MPa70 MPa15 MPa
Compressive stress135 MPa25 MPa70 MPa20 MPa
Shear stress Z=X25.000 MPa8 MPa