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PAFS Suprafete PA 200

Capace de la PAFS-profile sunt usor de instalat. Ei rezista în medii de înalta coroziune si sunt capabili sa efectueze sarcini ridicate, chiar si pe deschideri lungi de timp fara sprijin.

Datorita instalari usoara este usor, pe zonele cu acces dificil.

Span latime
Concentrat de sarcina
Factor de sigurantaDistribuite de încarcare
Factor de siguranta
3.0006002 x F9003 x q
5.0005793 x F6004 x q
6.0003984 x F3405 x q
7.0002755 x F2107 x q
9.0001516 x F608 x q
12.000567 x F459 x q
L/125 = 0,75%

Advantages of reinforced Plastics

  • operating conditions from -100°C to +180°C
  • self extinguishing and halogen free
  • linear behaviour
  • low weight
  • electrical insulating
  • chemical resistant
  • corrosion and weather resistant
  • UV resistant
  • economic efficiency
  • high strength
  • easy assembly, short construction period
  • metal free - non-magnetic
  • electrical grounding is not required
  • no further maintenance is necessary
  • easy to work on, even on-site with the use of common hand tools
  • no ridges when drilling and sawing
  • for indoor and outdoor application