Elevated Cable Trays "FibroTRAY"

The Cable Management System FibroTRAY is the perfect solution for laying the cable systems which run along rail routes, such as signal, control or telecommunication cables. The Elevated Plastic Cable Channels are an alternative to underground systems, particularly in difficult substrates and unfavourable terrain.

For more information please refer to our cable support information brochure.

FibroTRAY Size I

Main components of FibroTRAY Size I
pillarsSize IGRP I-Profile
120 x 60 x 6
hutch profileSize IGRP Hutch FI
coverSize IGRP Cover FI
servicable channel
cross section
150 cm²
workload450 N/m
max. interspace
of pillars
6 m
dead weight apprx.6.3 kg/m

FibroTRAY Size II

Main components of FibroTRAY Size II
pillarsSize IIGRP I-Profile
150 x 75 x 6
hatch profileSize II

GRP Hatch

coverSize II

GRP Cover

servicabel channel
cross section
375 cm²
workload900 N/m
max. Interspace
of pillars
6 m
dead weight approx.6.5 kg/m


  • supports
  • bridge supports
  • cable exits
  • cover protection
  • special components
  • screwing materials


All Accessories of Fibrolux' Cable
Trays are made from high quality
stainless steel.